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Integrating with Xero: Company is 'Already Connected' Error
Integrating with Xero: Company is 'Already Connected' Error

The steps to follow when trying to integrate or reconnect with with Xero and the company is showing as already being connected.

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You are seeing an 'already connected' message when attempting to re-integrate an AutoEntry company with Xero.


This is caused by AutoEntry being listed as a connected app within Xero.


To resolve this issue, please do the following:

  1. Log into Xero, select the relevant company and go to Settings.

  2. Under Settings, go to Connected Apps.

  3. Under Connected Apps, click the 3 vertical dots next to AutoEntry and select Disconnect.

  4. Go back to AutoEntry and attempt the integration again.

Additional Information

  • If you need the steps for disconnecting Xero via AutoEntry, please click here.

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