AccountsPrep Error: 'Cannot reset because there is transactional data.'

How to resolve the error 'Cannot reset because there is transactional data.' in AccountsPrep.

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You did not select the correct Chart of Accounts template prior to posting some batches to an account, and are receiving the error message 'Cannot reset because there is transactional data.' after deleting the postings and attempting to change the template.

Applies To

  • AccountsPrep integrated companies.


This issue can occur as a result of not permanently deleting the postings from the All Batches folder.


To resolve this, please do the following:

  1. Navigate to Accounting > All Batches > Deleted.

  2. Click into each folder, and select Permanently delete.

  3. If you cannot see this option, you will need to be granted access via User Permissions by the AutoEntry account holder.

Once done, you should be able to select the correct template for the Chart of Accounts.

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