You can add/invite as many users as you wish as there is no charge for adding users to AutoEntry. This means you can add colleagues in your office that will use AutoEntry, adding clients of your practice or for individual companies to add their external bookkeeper/accountant. (there's a quick introduction video at the bottom of the page!)

You can do this in two ways:

  • Clicking 'All People' to the top right of the page

  • Clicking the 'People' tab in a particular company or folder

Add People Window

After clicking '+ Add People', first enter the user email and confirm the account/company you want to add that user to: 

Invite to Account: If you have access to multiple billing accounts on AutoEntry, first select the account you wish to add the invitee to.
Relationship to Account: You can select from Employee (default), Internal/External Accountant or a Client of yours. We have future updates coming that will use this feature for automating the permissions and settings per user added to each group.
Single or All Companies: Selecting single company will only add the user to the company mentioned in the bottom drop-down. Selecting All Companies will add the user to all the companies in your account and will continue adding them to any new companies added to your account too (a warning pops up to confirm this when 'All Companies' is selected). 

Clicking Confirm Email sends the invitee an email to verify their address and leads them to the sign in page where they set their name and password and they're in!

Setting User Permissions

Once invited (clicking 'Confirm Email' above), the user permissions page opens where you can now set the permissions of the user you have invited. 

Top left, simply confirm the user you're setting the permissions for and the company/account you're setting the permissions for. Setting permissions per account will set those permissions for that user for all companies on that account. Permissions for that user cannot be edited on a company level. Leaving the permissions blank at the account level will allow you to edit and tailor the permissions on a company level for that user. 

Account/Company Management:

These settings always default to off and control:
Company Settings - Ability to view/edit the company settings page for a particular company/client at account or company level.
Manage People - Adds the ability for the user to add and edit users to the account/company.
Add Companies - Allow the user to add additional companies to the account (Account level only).

Folder Access:

This section allows you to grant or restrict access to certain elements of AutoEntry. When applied to an account, those settings are applied to all companies on your account. If they are set at an account level they cannot be edited on a company level. 

View/Edit gives effective full access to the Purchases/Sales/Statements folders that users can view all items uploaded and processed, edit any details of the data and publish to your accounts package.
Upload Restricts/Allows the ability for a user to upload documents to AutoEntry. It is not possible at the minute to have Upload Only but we are working on it. 

*Note - we've left a bit of space to the right of these options as there will be more options arriving soon! 

Expense permissions are covered in more detail Here

To make it a little easier to assign particular sets of permissions to invitees/users you can save the current selections as a template and apply that template to users as required. 

See here for more on Templates 

Copy Function: If you're adding or editing multiple users for one or more companies at the same time you can copy one set of permissions to multiple users across multiple companies. Simply set the permissions for one user and one company and click copy. You can then select the users you wish to give those permissions to and select the companies you wish to give them access to. This will edit the permissions of all those users selected across all the companies selected to the same level of permission.

Under the settings tab to the top, you can also set the Approvers this user can submit expense reports to, the mileage rates they can use and even default tracking categories per user too. Useful for users from different offices submitting via the app where they'll always be uploading to a particular location/class tracking category.

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