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Launch your client's AutoEntry company from Sage for Accountants
Launch your client's AutoEntry company from Sage for Accountants

How to launch your client's AutoEntry from within Sage for Accountants.

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After you connect a client to AutoEntry you can launch and access their AutoEntry company from their Client details page in Sage for Accountants.

  1. In Sage for Accountants, click the Clients tab then click on the relevant client.

  2. On the Client details page, click the Products tab.

  3. Under AutoEntry, click Launch product.

This brings you to the client's AutoEntry company.

Launching for the first time

The first time you do this you see some initial company setup pages.

  1. Your company information is entered automatically, but you can change the currency if required. When you're done click Continue.

  2. Next you see the mailbox addresses that you will use for documents to be uploaded to the company via email.

    📌TIP: You can access these at any point in your company settings.

    Click Continue when you're done.

  3. Confirm the accounting software preferences on the next screen and click Continue.

  4. Click Connect alongside the accounting software you would like to integrate the AutoEntry company with.

    You can bypass this step by clicking Save. You can integrate your company at a later stage if needed.

You can now access your AutoEntry company homepage and upload documents to AutoEntry.

Once you integrate AutoEntry with your accounting software, you can publish invoices across to your accounting software e.g. Sage Accounting or Sage 50 Accounts.

📌TIP: Click Company Settings on the left-hand side of your company homepage to amend any settings you set up originally.

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