This article will provide you with the steps required to upload documents to AutoEntry by email, rather than uploading on the website.

Applies To

This feature applies to the following document types:

  • Purchase/Sales Invoices

  • Supplier Statements

  • Expense Reports

Please note that Bank Statements cannot be uploaded via email to AutoEntry.


When you create a company in AutoEntry, you will be given four email addresses - one for the Purchases, Supplier Statements, Sales and the Expense Reports folder. The four email addresses will be based on the company name entered, and these can be amended if required.

Locating your Email Addresses

To find these addresses, please do the following:

  1. From your company homepage, click Company Settings.

  2. To quickly access the addresses, click Mailbox Settings.

  3. There you will see the email address for each corresponding folder. You can easily copy the address for pasting into an email later on by clicking the Copy button.

  4. If you need to change an email address, you can do so by editing the text and clicking the green Save Changes button on the left. If you are receiving an 'Email Address is Already in Use' error when doing this, please refer to this article.

Processing Email Attachments as Single Items

Under Company Settings in the Mailbox Preferences section, you can turn on the feature that going forward, email attachments will be processed as a single item.

AutoEntry will not assess the attached files in the email and will process the first page only of that file. Any additional pages in the file will not be extracted but will remain as part of the processed page for reference.

An example of when this feature would be useful, is for submitting an expenses style invoice where the claim is on the first page in the file and the subsequent pages are the multiple receipts that made up the claim. These receipts will not be processed by AutoEntry but will be kept with the claim page as reference to the claim.

Additional Information

  • When you are uploading a document via email, please note that AutoEntry will only extract the data if it is either contained in the body of the email, or if the file is attached to the email. No data can be extracted if the file is contained within a link in the body of the email.

  • You can also set AutoEntry to extract an attachment as one item (Process Email attachment as a Single Item) irrespective of it's contents in Company Settings.

  • There is a 30MB limit for the total size of the email when using the email feature. There is no limit to the number of files attached once they do not cumulatively pass the the 30MB limit.

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