How to sign up for our free trial

The first time you sign up for AutoEntry you are on a free trial automatically. Simply go to and select which group you belong to (Accountants & Bookkeepers or an SME). The Free Trial link is right there on that page. 

Even if you buy credits you will still receive your free trial credits on top of your purchase.

And that's it! Subscription or not you're signed up and ready to go!

See here on how to upload your first documents. 

What does the free trial consist of?

The free trial lasts one calendar month and includes 25 free credits.

Credits are used as follows:

1 Credit per Invoice/Bill/Receipt
2 Credits per invoice with Line Item extraction (optional)
2 Credits per Supplier/Vendor Statement
3 Credits per statement page

If you need to buy more credits you can sign up to a package by clicking your user drop down menu to the top right of the screen and selecting 'Account Settings'.

Adding a Subscription

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