This guide will show you how to upload files to AutoEntry directly from your PC, along with the different options available.

If you need the steps for uploading Invoices, Supplier Statements and Expenses via email, please click here.

How to Upload

To upload files from your PC, simply click the + Upload Document button on the top right-hand corner of your screen.

When the upload window pops up you can select which company and folder you want to upload to by using the drop-down menus.

If you are uploading to the Purchases, Sales, Supplier Statements, or Expense Reports folders, you will see the bespoke/unique email address that you can use to email files (not available for Bank Statements or File Management) directly to AutoEntry.

Upload Options

On the left you can choose the type of contents in the file:

  • Auto - AutoEntry will automatically split the file into separate pages and examine each one to check for single or multi-page invoices. 

  • Item per Page - AutoEntry will simply split the file into individual pages for processing. It will not undertake any checking for a multi-page invoice.

  • Single Item - For large multi-page invoices where there is only one invoice in the file, again, AutoEntry will not check for any other invoices and simply process the file as one item. 

Please note: The Item per Page and Single Item options will speed up the processing of your files a bit but please be aware, AutoEntry does not undertake the splitting and matching process as with the Auto function. 

Line Item Capture for the files you are about to upload can be selected here also.

If you are using tracking categories (locations/classes/cost centres), these can also be assigned to all the invoices being uploaded. The tracking categories can be amended per invoice if required once processing has been completed. 

You can then simply drag and drop the files into the box, or browse your PC for the files you wish to upload. The uploaded files will be shown in the window and extra files can be added by selecting + Add More.

While your files are uploading, you cannot close this window. However, rather than waiting for all the files to complete you have the option to click the Browse AutoEntry button at the top to open AutoEntry in another tab and continue working elsewhere until the upload completes. 

File Size Limit

Website upload limit

If you are uploading directly to AutoEntry via the website, there is a limit of 199 pages per PDF file. If scanning documents in bulk, please scan 199 or less documents at a time.

Email upload limit

For uploading via email there is a 30MB limit on the total size of the email. There is no limit of the number of files attached once they do not pass the 30MB combined total.

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