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How to Upload Documents to AutoEntry
How to Upload Documents to AutoEntry

How to upload your scanned documents to AutoEntry.

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This guide will show you how to upload files to AutoEntry directly from your PC.

Please click here if you need the steps for uploading documents via Email.

How to upload documents

📎NOTE: There is a file size limit of 199 pages per PDF file when uploading documents from your PC.

  1. Click the + Upload Document button on the top right-hand corner of your screen.

  2. You will be brought to a window where you can use drop-down menus to select the company and folder you would like to upload documents to.

  3. Click browse to locate the files on your PC. Once selected, the upload will automatically begin.

  4. The uploaded documents will be shown at the bottom of the window. Additional files can be selected by clicking + Add More.

📌TIP: The upload window cannot be closed while documents are still uploading. However, you have the option to click Browse AutoEntry at the top of the window to open AutoEntry in another tab and continue working elsewhere until the upload completes.

What languages are accepted?

For invoices/bills, AutoEntry is an English language program. Some foreign language documents can be extracted if the layout is clear, however, AutoEntry cannot guarantee in any way how accurate the extraction will be. No refund will be offered for rejected items in a foreign language.

With bank and credit card statements, AutoEntry extracts the figures and text from the documents, so language is less of a concern. However, AutoEntry cannot verify or check spellings in descriptions. With a foreign language, this may be more apparent.

AutoEntry will reject any documents in Arabic or Chinese/Japanese style fonts (or similar).

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