Auto-Publish allows you to set up invoices to automatically be sent to your accounting software as soon as they have finished processing.

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How to Switch on Auto-Publish

  1. On your company homepage, click on the Company Contacts button.

  2. Navigate to the supplier/vendor you wish to switch Auto-Publish on for.

  3. Once a nominal and VAT code has been saved for that supplier (at the bottom of the page), simply click on the slider to change Auto-Publish to Yes.

For every invoice AutoEntry processes from that supplier (as long as there is a saved VAT code correlating to the VAT amount extracted on the invoice), it will immediately publish it through to your accounting software. 

Recognising when an Invoice has been Auto-Published

When an invoice has been Auto-Published, you will be alerted to that in AutoEntry in two ways:

  1. The standard publish button is replaced by a green lightning bolt symbol in the Inbox/Archived folder.

  2. Secondly, a notification banner will appear at the top of the page in the inbox to let you know AutoEntry has auto-published however many amount of invoices.

How to Re-Publish an Auto-Published Invoice

  1. Click the checkbox on the left hand side of the auto-published invoice, open the Actions menu and click Unpublish.

  2. To publish the invoice again, repeat the same step but select Publish from the Actions menu.

Please note

  • Please note that if your company is integrated with Sage 50 or QuickBooks Desktop, we do not recommend switching on Auto-Publish. This would be due to potential publishing issues caused by your Sync App if it is not open and running on your desktop at the time of invoices being released to your Inbox.

  • Auto-Publish can only be enabled per supplier, not company-wide.

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