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Pen Marks and Handwriting on Documents
Pen Marks and Handwriting on Documents

Why files may be rejected if there's pen-marks or handwriting on an invoice or statement.

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As AutoEntry uses OCR (optical character recognition) technology to extract the data from your uploaded documents, the quality of the documents you scan has a large impact on the ability of AutoEntry to read the data. 

If there are pen marks or handwriting on the scanned image, the file will most likely be rejected and not captured. In particular, if the pen marks are close to the text/data that needs to be extracted, AutoEntry can struggle to differentiate between printed text and a pen mark. As this would drastically impact the accuracy of the extraction, AutoEntry will reject these documents. This will most notably apply to the extraction of bank statements.

We also do not guarantee that AutoEntry will be able to extract data from handwritten invoices. These will usually be rejected. If a handwritten invoice is uploaded and processed, the accuracy of these may be compromised.

While we do have a QA team that monitors AutoEntry's performance and accuracy, we do not manually enter the data from documents that the OCR process cannot extract.

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