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Recommended Scanner Settings
Recommended Scanner Settings

Required scanner settings for invoices and statements.

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This guide will outline the recommended scanner settings you should be using when scanning invoices and statements to AutoEntry.

๐Ÿ“ŽNOTE: These settings are not required for uploading via the Mobile App or uploading digital .pdf copies of statements or invoices.

Recommended settings


  • The colour setting on your scanner should be Greyscale (grey, true grey or similar)

  • Do not use Black & White! Scans in black & white will be rejected as the extraction quality can be extremely poor

  • Error Diffusion off

  • Use Colour if there is no greyscale option

  • For poor copies (carbon copy invoices for example), full colour can be better although not a guarantee the file will not be rejected for poor scan quality

File Type

  • Do not set the file type to a compressed format e.g. Compressed PDF. Use either PDF or TIFF


  • Turn compression off or down to the lowest setting


  • Turn quality up to the highest setting

Image Processing

  • Turn off any image processing e.g. binarisation, thresholding, background adjustment, or turn it down to the lowest setting possible on your scanner

๐Ÿ“ŽNOTE: Please do not upload screenshots, they will be rejected. If you have a digital copy already, simply save the file and upload it.

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