Rejected invoices

Why uploaded invoices are rejected and how to manually reject an invoice.

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When AutoEntry can't process an uploaded document, it is stored in the Rejected folder.

When a document is rejected, you see a notice on the Uploaded Files and Processed Items tabs of your Activity page under the Status column. The Purchases and Sales folders alert you that an invoice has been rejected. This is indicated with a red dot next to the item in your Rejected folder, and on the Rejected tab icon.

When you interact with the rejected items by clicking View, this removes the notification.

📌TIP: You can also can also reject an invoice manually.

Why are documents rejected?

When a document is rejected, it means there's an issue preventing data from being extracted/processed from it.

Documents uploaded with any of the following issues will be rejected:

  • It has been uploaded previously

  • The image/scan quality is too poor for our system to extract the data

  • It has been uploaded to the wrong folder

  • Some crucial data is missing, preventing extraction

  • The image/scan is a screenshot or contains handwriting

  • The file's data is corrupted or password-protected

📎NOTE: You will be charged for rejected files as there has been an attempt to process them. This does not apply to bank statements.

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