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Error in Activity: 'File already uploaded - Process anyway'
Error in Activity: 'File already uploaded - Process anyway'

What does 'File Already Uploaded - Process Anyway' mean?

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When you upload an invoice/bank statement to AutoEntry, you may see the message below as its status on the Activity page.

File already uploaded

Process anyway

AutoEntry checks for duplicates at the point of upload for both the purchases and sales folders. This is to recognise and automatically cancel the processing of a file that has been previously uploaded.

Once a file is uploaded, AutoEntry compares the file to previously uploaded files to that company. If the file matches it's cancelled and the file status in the Activity Page is updated to File Already Uploaded.

📎NOTE: No credits have been used at this point as the file has not gone for processing.

File not a duplicate?

If you believe the message is in error, and you're sure the file hasn't been uploaded before, you have the option to process the file anyway.

When you click Process anyway a pop-up menu appears to confirm that you want to process the file and ignore the duplicate check. This begins the processing of that file.

📎NOTE: Any individual invoices that have been processed before (duplicates) from the previous upload will be individually rejected as duplicates. So if the invoices don't appear in the inbox they are likely to be in the rejected folder.

It still costs a credit to process items (invoices/bills/receipts/credit notes) even if they're rejected.

Additional Information

  • Once processed, the Duplicate Upload note remains in the file status to show that it was manually sent for processing

  • If items are sent for processing manually using the Process anyway option and are subsequently rejected as duplicates, credits will still be charged

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