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Integrating a QuickBooks Desktop company via the AutoEntry Sync App
Integrating a QuickBooks Desktop company via the AutoEntry Sync App

How to connect a QuickBooks Desktop company file to AutoEntry

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AutoEntry's integration with QuickBooks Desktop allows you to upload and extract all your invoices/bills/receipts and publish them directly to the company file. If you only require Bank Statement data extracted through AutoEntry, there is no need to download or install the AutoEntry Sync App. See here for details on importing your statement data.

This article will take you through the steps required to integrate your AutoEntry company with QuickBooks Desktop.

How does this work?

The AutoEntry Sync application will enable syncing data between QuickBooks Desktop on your desktop and the AutoEntry website.

Step 1

Download the AutoEntry Sync app here.

You will need to have the relevant company file open in QuickBooks Desktop also to complete the integration and be logged in as an admin account there.

Step 2

After installation, open the AutoEntry Desktop Sync App from your Start Menu or Desktop.

Log in with your AutoEntry login details.

Step 3

On the Sync App, Click on the “Connect” button next to the AutoEntry company you want to link with QuickBooks Desktop.

Select QuickBooks Desktop in the drop down menu to the top left.

Then browse to the folder of the QuickBooks Desktop company you want to connect to or paste the folder path in the field top right. You can find the folder path by hitting Ctrl+1 in QuickBooks Desktop. The file path is centre left in the window that pops up under File Information. 

Click 'Connect to AutoEntry', and return to QuickBooks Desktop.

Step 4

In QuickBooks Desktop, there will be a confirmation window to allow access to AutoEntry. Select the 4th option (Yes, Always). There is a pop-up to confirm this selection (Yes), click Continue, then Done on the next and final pop-up.

And that's it! You're all connected!

Additional Information

As this is a desktop application, the invoice/bill images do not publish through to QuickBooks Desktop but don't forget, all images are stored in AutoEntry for 7 years or as long as there is an active subscription, which will give you a full digital backup of all your transactions.

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