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An overview of AutoEntry's General Supplier Settings page.

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The Supplier Settings page allows you to amend various settings per supplier that are applied to all Purchase invoices processed by AutoEntry.

Below is an overview of each setting and its functionalities.

Get to Supplier Settings

  1. Navigate to your Company Contacts.

  2. Select the supplier whose settings you would like to edit. This will bring you to the Supplier Settings page.

What settings can I change?

📎NOTE: These settings are not available for Customer accounts.

Capture Line Items

When this option is enabled, all future invoices uploaded for this supplier automatically have line items extracted


If you receive invoices from a supplier with a particular currency, this is where you can set it.

📌TIP: This is particularly useful for USA/Canada or Australia/New Zealand users where cross-border invoices are sometimes received, but would only be marked with a plain $ sign.

Default Due Date

A default due date can be set for all invoices from a certain supplier

Default Description

Here you can enter a bespoke default description that is added to all invoices (where line items are not added) before you publish them to your accounting software.

If you don't enter one, AutoEntry uses the supplier name as the default description for each invoice processed. This is only overruled where line items are added to the extraction.


Once you add a set of Category and VAT codes to a supplier, you can enable Auto-Publish.

Once enabled, when an invoice has finished processing, it automatically publishes to your accounting software

Remembered VAT / Category / Cost Codes

When VAT and Category codes are selected for an invoice and the Remember Me function is used, those settings are saved here.

You can also manually add settings here using the + Add Vat VAT / Category / Cost Codes option. This adds a particular VAT and Category code to all invoices processed by AutoEntry for that specific supplier where a particular VAT rate is used.

AutoEntry remembers and applies VAT and Category codes per VAT rate, so multiple rules can be added per VAT rate.

📌TIP: This is ideal for suppliers with a Tax Summary on their invoice.

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