When an invoice/bill has a completed Line Item extraction (extracted by AutoEntry or added manually), the category account, vat code (where applicable) and even tracking category can be remembered based on a matching full line item extraction. Line Item Rules can be added separately instead of this function for more granular analysis of line items. 

These stored Line Item settings can be found under the Supplier Settings button on the company home page and clicking on the 'Line Items' tab to the top of the page.

For a particular invoice with line items, when the 'Remember Me' function is used, the category account, vat code and tracking category for that line is remembered and stored on this page based on the full description. In the image below as an example, the saved category account (Office Equipment) is combined with the Zero Rated vat code and 'Eastside' tracking category. These settings will be applied to any line item from this supplier where the exact line description is 'Office Supplies'. 

The terms heading indicates how many times the same category/vat/tracking categories have been saved to specific line item descriptions. The drop down menu to the right will list all the descriptions saved for these settings. 

This allows a simple description matching to assign remembered categories for a particular supplier. Ideal for regular suppliers where the same products are regularly purchased. 

Please click here for our guide on setting up Line Item Rules.

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