From the start, only billing account holders have immediate access to the expenses folder. They must set up access to this folder for other users. Users can be added to 3 levels:

  • Submitter - Can upload expenses, add to reports and submit for approval to an approver. Submitters cannot see any expenses uploaded by other users. A submitters expenses are not visible by an approver or admin user until added to a report and submitted for approval.

  • Approver - An approver has the ability to approve/cancel expense reports submitted to them by submitters. Reports can be downloaded to a PDF document for printing if physical signatures are required and also to an excel sheet if not publishing to an accounts package. Once approved the reports are published to the 'Purchases Inbox' under the Submitters name. Standard approvers cannot edit or change a submitted expense report.

  • Edit Before Approval - An added level to the approver where submitted reports can be edited by the approver before approval. Editing of figures/data, removal of receipts, splitting expenses and reimbursable or not. 

  • Admin - An admin user has the permissions to add/edit users permissions in the expenses folder and to set the mapped expense categories to nominal accounts under the 'Manage Lists' section on the company home page. 

Users can be added to more than one permission level if required. If a submitter is also an approver, they can approve their own expenses. All billing account holders are automatically set to an Admin user for expenses. 

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