When an invoice or receipt is extracted with line item extraction (or if line items are added manually), you can select if the invoice is tax inclusive or exclusive. Once a tax rate is selected, AutoEntry will then recalculate the Net/Vat/Total to reflect this. Simply use the drop down menu above the line item table to select if the invoice is inclusive or exclusive and select the relevant tax rate:

AutoEntry does the rest! The default setting for AutoEntry is tax exclusive as normal.

In the below example we have an invoice with a simple total of 20.60. When tax exclusive is selected, the gross total is not editable (AutoEntry will calculate this) and with tax inclusive, the Net is not editable:

Once a tax code is selected (Irish vat @23% in this example), AutoEntry automatically recalculates the relevant totals. The price per unit reflecting the figure extracted from the invoice:

Tax Exclusive:

Tax Inclusive:

And that's it! 

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