When an invoice or receipt is extracted with line item extraction (or if line items are added manually), you can select if the invoice is tax inclusive or exclusive. This article will give you an overview of how AutoEntry handles these different types of invoices.

Applies To

  • Purchase and Sales invoices with line items extracted.


Once a tax rate is selected, AutoEntry will then recalculate the Net/Vat/Total to reflect this. Simply use the drop down menu above the line item table to select if the invoice is inclusive or exclusive and select the relevant tax rate:

AutoEntry does the rest! The default setting for AutoEntry is tax exclusive as normal.

In the below example we have an invoice with a simple total of 20.60. When tax exclusive is selected, the gross total is not editable (AutoEntry will calculate this) and with tax inclusive, the Net is not editable.

Once a tax code is selected (Irish vat @23% in this example), AutoEntry automatically recalculates the relevant totals. The price per unit reflecting the figure extracted from the invoice.

Tax Exclusive:

Tax Inclusive:

Additional Information

  • A guide on line item extraction can be found here.

  • If you need help adding a tax summary to your invoice, please refer to this guide.

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