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Sage 50 Canada - Getting Started with AutoEntry
Sage 50 Canada - Getting Started with AutoEntry

How to connect a Sage 50 Canada company to AutoEntry.

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After you have created a company on AutoEntry, the next step you'll need to complete is integrating it with Sage 50.

⚠️CAUTION: If you need to integrate your Sage 50 Canada company shared via RDA. Please click here.

How to integrate with Sage 50 Canada

  1. Click Setup > Set Up Users.

  2. Select Add User.

  3. You will be prompted to create a password for the user sysadmin before proceeding.

  4. Create a user named autoentry and give it a password. Ensure this user is given full accounting rights along with read/write access. Once done, click OK.

  5. Close Sage 50.

  6. Download the AutoEntry Sync App here. Once installed, open the application and login with your AutoEntry credentials.

  7. Click Connect next to the company you want to integrate with Sage 50.

  8. Select Sage 50 Canada from the drop-down menu on the top left corner.

  9. Enter the username autoentry and the password you set up in Sage 50 for the company and enter its file path.

  10. Click Connect to AutoEntry.

How to publish invoices to Sage 50

  1. Upload your documents to AutoEntry by following this guide.

  2. Once processing has completed, go to your Inbox and click the green tick icon to Publish!

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