When publishing an invoice to you accounts package, AutoEntry does a final check that the invoice does not already exist within your accounts package. It could be that the invoice was previously entered manually by a colleague or entered before you started using AutoEntry. 

AutoEntry uses four fields to check for a duplicate:

  • Supplier/Vendor name

  • Invoice Number

  • Invoice Date¬†

  • Gross Total

When publishing an invoice, AutoEntry checks first does an invoice with these fields matching exactly already exist. If not, then the invoice publishes through successfully. If an invoice already exists, matching these four fields, then a red warning icon is placed beside the invoice in your inbox. Clicking on the warning will show the issue with the invoice:

The option to over-ride the duplicate warning is available also. To force the invoice through, simply check the box to 'Add the invoice anyway' and the invoice will be published through.

For Sage Accounting, Xero and QuickBooks Online users there is an additional feature called 'File-Match' that will allow the invoice image be applied to the data already existing in QuickBooks or Xero where an invoice image does not already exist (see here).

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