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Error: 'Failed to create contact'
Error: 'Failed to create contact'

How to clear the 'failed to create contact' error

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You are seeing the below error message after trying to add a contact to an invoice.

Failed to create contact

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This error can occur as a result of your company's sync stalling.


To clear this error, all you will need to do is reset the company's integration!

If your company is integrated with a cloud-based accounts package (Sage Accounting, Xero, QuickBooks Online etc.), you can do this on the AutoEntry website. Please click here for the steps.

If your company is integrated with a desktop software (Sage 50 or QuickBooks Desktop), you will need to disconnect and reconnect the company in the AutoEntry Desktop Sync App. Please click here for the steps.

Once reconnected, please try and add the contact again.

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