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Reconciling a Supplier Statement without an Invoice
Reconciling a Supplier Statement without an Invoice

How to manually create an invoice to match with a supplier statement.

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If you need to reconcile a statement with an invoice that has not been previously uploaded to AutoEntry, you can create an invoice, allowing it to be matched and reconciled (this will not use any credits, don't worry!)

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To manually create an invoice for a statement, please do the following:

  1. Click the View button via your Inbox.

  2. Click the Reconciliation tab.

  3. On any line which requires an invoice to be manually created, click the Create button.

Additional Information

  • Please note that this will create a new, simplified invoice in your Purchases Inbox.

  • If you do not wish to publish this to your accounts package, you can simply reject it following the steps in this article. This will move the invoice to the Rejected folder, while still remaining matched on the supplier statement.

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