After you have uploaded your expenses and they have finished processing, you will then need to compile an expense report to submit for approval. This guide will go through the steps required to submit an expense report, from the submitter's perspective.

Locating your Expenses

You will find your individual expenses in your Inbox once they have finished processing.

You can click the view button on any expense to check the extraction and select an expense category and add to a report (you can also select these in the Inbox view).

Adding Expenses to a Report

While viewing a single expense, you can click the Report drop-down menu where you will have the option to select any previously created report or add a new report.

If you choose to add a new report, you will be greeted by the below screen, where you can enter your Report Name, select a Report Date, and leave any relevant Notes.

After clicking Create Report, your expense will automatically be assigned to this report.

Once you have assigned all relevant expenses to this report you will just need to submit this report to be approved.

Submitting the Report

To submit your report, please do the following:

  1. Go to the Reports tab and view your report.

  2. Once you are happy that you have added all the necessary expenses, you will just need to click the Submit button.

  3. The status of your report will change to pending as you wait for your assigned Approver to approve it.

Please note

Only Expense Reports with a positive total can be submitted. Negative totals cannot be submitted to an Approver.

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