Other users are currently working with this company. You may open the company is multi-user mode or wait for other users to stop using the company. ID: 34

This error is caused by multi-user mode not being enabled in Sage 50.


To clear this error, you will need to do the following:

  1. Enable multi-user mode in Sage

  2. Close Sage

  3. Unpublish any pending invoices/bills

  4. Open your PC's Task Manager, select 'More details' if it is showing the minimised view, and click on the 'Processes' tab

  5. Click on 'OCRex.Desktop.AutoEntry.Client' & 'AutoEntry.Service'

  6. Select 'End Task' on both

7. Restart your Sync App Desktop Service

8. Go back to the AutoEntry site and publish your invoices/bills again

Please note: The error will not clear until an invoice/bill has been successfully published to Sage.

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