This article will go through the steps required to send documents for processing and extraction via the File Management folder.

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Once documents have been uploaded to File Management, they appear in the Root Folder or the separate folder they were directly uploaded to.

To submit those files for processing, firstly ensure that the File Type has been set. This option tells AutoEntry what type of file the document is and which folder to process that document through (Purchases, Sales, Bank Statements etc). If not set at the upload stage, it can be selected per invoice.

As soon as the file type is set, the Submit button appears to the right.

Clicking on Submit will show a confirmation window where Line Item Extraction can be selected for that file if required.

Regular processing times apply once these documents are submitted, and they will be added to the Activity page of the company’s main respective folder for the file type selected, where the progress of the processing can be followed. Once processed, these documents will automatically move to that folder's Inbox as normal.

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