AccountsPrep - How to Code and Post Bank Transactions to Ledger Accounts

AccountsPrep Guide for Posting Bank Transactions to Ledger Accounts.

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This article will take you through the steps required to code and post bank transactions to your ledger accounts after bank statement data has been imported.

Applies To

  • AccountsPrep integrated companies.


After importing a bank statement into AccountsPrep using these steps, you can then code your transactions in the Unposted tab.

Select a Reference, Account and Tax code by double clicking within the relevant column which will open up your options.

You can also mark multiple lines and double-click the top selected line to assign the same code to all marked lines.

Once you have coded the desired transactions, select them using the check boxes and click the green Post button at the bottom.

The Transfer button allows you to process bulk transfers. Please note however that this is for Intra-account transfers.

The Cheques button allows you to match/reconcile transactions with Cheques already imported using the cheque function.

The Deposits button allows you to match/reconcile transactions with Deposits.

The Split button allows you to split a transaction across multiple nominal and VAT codes.

You also have the option to delete a transaction on the far right hand side of the transaction.

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