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What does 'Credits could not be deducted' mean?
What does 'Credits could not be deducted' mean?

The meaning of a 'Credits could not be deducted' message in the Processed Items tab of your Activity feed.

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The user is seeing a 'Credits could not be deducted' message on a file in the Processed Items section of the Activity tab, and the file is not being released to the Inbox.

Along with this, you may also notice a yellow banner on your company homepage with the message 'CREDIT BALANCE 0'. This will also let you know how many credits are required for the file to be released.

Applies To

  • Activity Tab of any folder in AutoEntry after an invoice, bank statement, supplier statement, or expense has been processed.


The root cause of this is the user having an insufficient credit balance.


As this message is a result of having an insufficient credit balance, to clear it you will need to add sufficient credits to your account. After just a few minutes, the file(s) will be released automatically to your Inbox!

Additional Information

  • Please click here if you need instructions on bulk purchasing credits.

  • If you are looking to change/renew your subscription, please click here.

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