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Error: 'Couldn't find TaxRate'
Error: 'Couldn't find TaxRate'

How to resolve this error message for your purchase/sale invoices.

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When you try to publish an invoice as a Non-VAT registered company, you may see the error message below and the invoice's VAT field show as blank.

Couldn't find TaxRate.

This error occurs because you don't have any VAT codes set in your company for invoices to default to.

It's easy to apply these codes.

  1. Navigate to the Integrate page, located on the left-hand side of your company homepage.

  2. Ensure these VAT codes are set in the dropdown menus, then click Save.

  3. Unpublish and republish the affected invoices.

Error persists

  1. Disconnect and reconnect your company's integration.

  2. Unpublish and republish the affected invoices.

    Give the invoices a couple of moments to clear the error and successfully publish.

📌TIP: Check out our guidance on setting your company up as non-VAT registered on AutoEntry.

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