Sage 50 UK&I - Charitable Fund Codes

How to assign charity fund codes on invoices.

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This article will demonstrate how to reflect your Charitable Fund codes in AutoEntry from a Sage company set up as a charitable business.

How can I assign invoices to a charitable fund?

  1. Sage 50 UK&I gives companies set up as the 'Charity' Business Type an additional (fourth) code - 'Charitable Fund'.

  2. When integrating with a Sage 50 UK&I charity company, this new code will replace the 'Department' code in AutoEntry by default, and will then be available in the Inbox and single invoice views.

  3. You can also choose not to use the new 'Charitable Fund' code in favour of retaining the 'Department' code via the new set of options on the Integrate page.

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