The AutoEntry Sync Application will enable syncing data between Sage on your desktop and the AutoEntry website.

Step 1:
For the AutoEntry Sync App, create two new users within Sage 50 that will be used by AutoEntry Sync only e.g. "autoentry" and "docurec". This can be done in the Settings tab in Sage 50 via the 'Access Rights':

*The "Manager" username should not be used as a username within the AutoEntry Sync App.

Step 2:
Launch Sage 50 and copy the file path for the company you want to integrate to:

Ensure you are logged out of Sage 50 and it is closed before proceeding to download the AutoEntry Sync App.

Download the AutoEntry Sync App here.

Step 3:

After installation, run the AutoEntry Sync App from your Start Menu or desktop, and log in with your AutoEntry login details.

Step 4:

In the AutoEntry Sync App, click on the “Connect” link for the AutoEntry company you want to integrate with Sage 50.

Select Sage in the drop down menu to the top left.

The folder path in Step 2 should be pasted in the  top right field ('Folder Path') .

Finally, please enter the two usernames created in Step 1, and click 'Connect to AutoEntry'.

Your Sage 50 and AutoEntry companies are now integrated!

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