Why is my export remaining on the status "Sage checking export"?

The initial release of this feature contained a bug that resulted in this issue - the export would fail as above. This bug was resolved by a hotfix applied on 11 November, and was communicated to all customers affected.

The other reason why this issue can continue to arise after 11 November is due to an issue with the integration of the AutoEntry company to the SBCA company e.g. the integration token may have expired. Assuming you can log into the SBCA company successfully, then disconnect and reconnect the integration (steps outlined here).

Why did my export fail with the status "Export Failed"?

Typically this issue is caused by an expired token within your integration.

To clear the error, please do the following:

  1. Disconnect the company's integration (this does not remove any bank statement data).

  2. Connect the company to SBCA again and allow a few minutes for your data to sync.

  3. Attempt the bank statement export again.

Why did my export fail with the status "Error"?

The initial release of this feature would show this error when one or more of the statement lines selected for export had a blank value for "Details" - the reason being that SBCA requires at least some text in this field. We released an update on 26 November which now automatically inserts the text "<Description missing>" in place of any such blank descriptions, allowing you to then update them as required in SBCA.

Why are my bank statements missing from SBCA, but are showing as exported to SBCA on AutoEntry and not displaying the relevant error?

This is an issue within SBCA itself regarding opening balance years when exporting to Sage Start. Similarly, when bank transactions are manually imported into SBCA (i.e. not via AutoEntry), it allows you to reach the end of the steps, but the transactions do not appear in the accounts. Instead, they go into a state of continuous Checking... as shown below.

This has been brought to the attention of Sage and a solution is in development.

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