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Sync App Service will not Start
Sync App Service will not Start
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The Windows Service for your desktop Sync Application is stopped, and will not start.

Applies To

  • Sage 50 users.

  • QuickBooks Desktop users.


This issue would be due to the configuration of shared folders not being set up correctly.



Firstly, please refer to our guide on configuring permissions for shared folders before going through the points below.

These steps require administrative privileges and should be carried out by an IT administrator.

If you set a log-on user for the Windows service and it no longer starts, you will need to check the following:

  1. Are the Windows Account details correct?

  2. Has the password for the account expired?

  3. Is it a local administrator? (Needs local admin access)

  4. Is it a domain account? (Needs to be a domain account)

  5. Is the account shared or being used elsewhere? (Cannot be shared or used elsewhere).

Additional Information

Glossary of Terms

  • Service: the AutoEntry Sync service.

  • Local machine: the computer on which the AutoEntry Sync service is installed.

  • Domain User: a domain user under which the AutoEntry Sync service runs on the local machine.

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