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What are AutoEntry credits?
What are AutoEntry credits?

An overview of AutoEntry's credit system

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Credits are AutoEntry's in product currency for uploading documents to AutoEntry. The amount of credits you use depends on the document type you upload.

AutoEntry's credit system

Invoices have the lowest charge, whereas bank statements cost more due to the higher volume of extraction required.

Credits usage in AutoEntry are charged as follows:

Purchase/Sales invoices

1 credit per invoice

Purchases/Sales invoices with line items

2 credits per invoice


1 credit per invoice/receipt

Supplier statements

2 credits per statement

Bank and credit card statements

3 credits per page

How do I add more credits?

There are two ways in which you can add credits:

  • Add a subscription

  • Purchasing in bulk

How much is a credit subscription?

To find out more about our pricing, visit

How long do credits last?

Credits expire 3 months after the date of purchase. This means they effectively roll over for a maximum of 3 months if unused. This applies to credits both added via a subscription or by bulk purchasing.

📎NOTE: If you cancel a subscription, the most recent credits purchased expire after 30 days, and any credits remaining from a previous month's renewals, keep their 90-day expiry as normal.

Overage limit

AutoEntry has a standard fair usage policy to help you work without disruption and get the most value from your subscription. Effectively, we give you an automatic overdraft if you're busy, and rollover unused credits if you're not.

How does overage work?

When you add a subscription to your AutoEntry account, we give you a 2-month overdraft. If you use more credits than expected, you can go into a minus credit balance, up to 2 months' worth of your subscription level.

The extra credits used (overage) are charged at the same rate as your current subscription level and are added to your next renewal price, pro-rata. Any unused credits roll over for a maximum of 90 days before they expire.

If you use the maximum number of overage credits, the account automatically freezes. However, as we don't lock you into contracts or fixed-period pricing, you can go to the Subscription and Billing section of your Account Settings and add more credits.

📎NOTE: When you sign up for a subscription, this feature is automatically enabled. It's not possible to switch this off.

The exceptions to this are if you're not signed up for a subscription and simply bulk purchase credits on a pay-as-you-go basis, or if you're still on a free trial.

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