Credits are essentially the currency you use when uploading documents to AutoEntry. When you subscribe to AutoEntry, you receive a number of credits per month, e.g. the Platinum subscription is for 500 credits a month. These credits are then consumed as you upload documents to AutoEntry for extraction.

Credits are charged depending on the document uploaded. Invoices have the lowest charge as the extraction is fairly simple whereas bank statements cost more as there is more extraction required.

AutoEntry's Credit System

Credits are charged as follows:

  • Purchases / Sales Invoices: 1 credit per invoice

  • Uploaded Expenses: 1 credit per invoice

  • Purchases / Sales Invoices with Line Items: 2 credits per invoice

  • Supplier Statements: 2 credits per statement

  • Bank and Credit Card Statements: 3 credits per page

  • Document Fetching: 2 credit per document

Once a document is extracted there is no further charge on publishing, downloading or editing the document. These functions can be performed as many times as you wish without any charge.

The credit usage table above is also available in AutoEntry on your Subscription Credit Usage page.

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