You are receiving the below error message after attempting to publish an invoice.

You have entered a value that has been assigned to another Transaction. You cannot have two Transactions with the same value. , ID: E95

Applies To

  • Sage 50 Canada users.


These steps must be done in Sage 50 to clear the error:

  1. Backup your Sage data by going to File > Backup.

  2. Close Sage.

  3. In your PC's File Explorer, paste in the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage 50 202x\dbverifier (replace 'x' with the year of your program's edition).

  4. Click into dbverifier > Sage_SA_DBVerifier.exe and run that program. If you have setup sysadmin password for the data file, you will be asked to key in the sysadmin password when running the test.

  5. Once these steps have been completed, try to publish the affected invoice again in AutoEntry.

Additional Information

  • More detailed instructions on this process in Sage can be found here.

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