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Get started with AutoEntry in Sage for Accountants
Get started with AutoEntry in Sage for Accountants

How to start using AutoEntry as a Sage for Accountants user.

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In Sage for Accountants, you have access to AutoEntry which you can connect to your clients.

You can then use AutoEntry to upload scans or images of documents, such as invoices or bank statements. As they upload to AutoEntry, data is automatically extracted from them to create digital transactions, which you can then import into your client's Sage Accounting company.

You can even add your clients as users so they can upload documents to AutoEntry themselves.

Below we explain how to get started using AutoEntry for your clients.

📌TIP: You can get used to AutoEntry by exploring its features in your own practice company before you start uploading documents for your clients.

Step 1 - Connect your client to AutoEntry

Before you can start processing for your client in AutoEntry, you need to connect your client to AutoEntry.

Step 2 - Launch your client's AutoEntry company

Once you've connected your client to AutoEntry, you log in and access their AutoEntry company from within the client's record in Sage for Accountants.

The first time you do this there are some company setup steps, including integrating your client's AutoEntry to Sage Accounting.

Step 3 - Review your client's company settings in AutoEntry

After you launch your client's AutoEntry company for the first time, we recommend you review its company settings.

Step 4 - Add your client as an AutoEntry user

You can add your client as a user in this AutoEntry company. This would allow them to log in to AutoEntry and upload documents themselves, rather than you have to always do it for them.

Next steps - Start using AutoEntry

You can now start processing in AutoEntry for this client. You can follow the same steps above for any other client you have on Sage for Accountants.

Upload documents

You can upload invoices, bank statements, supplier statements, and expenses to AutoEntry.

It's quick and easy to upload these.

Publish invoices to Sage Accounting

Any invoices you upload to AutoEntry you can publish to your client's Sage Accounting company. This creates the invoice as a transaction in Sage Accounting automatically populated with all the relevant details.

📌TIP: If you have more questions about how to use AutoEntry, search our knowledgebase or start a chat with our support team when logged into AutoEntry.

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