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Create a company

How to add a new company on AutoEntry.

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Creating a company on AutoEntry is a quick and easy process. It's only a few steps to get set up in minutes so you're ready to upload your first documents.

  1. After you log in, on the top right click Add Company.

  2. The pop-up menu guides you through the information you need to enter.

  3. On the next menu you see Mailbox Details. Here are mailbox addresses that are automatically generated for you according to the company name you filled out on the first screen.

    These are for uploading documents via email.

  4. On the last screen, you can enter some Accounting Software details.​

  5. When you're done, click Create Company.

Your homepage refreshes and your new company is visible.

📌TIP: Some of the settings you set during setup you can amend anytime in your Company Settings.

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