Creating a company on AutoEntry is a quick and easy process - only a few steps gets you set up in minutes, ready to upload your first documents!

How to add a new company

  1. The + Add Company button can be found near the top right corner of your screen after you login.

  2. The pop-up menu will guide you through the information you need to enter (pictured below). Notification Emails are optional and can be changed later in your Company Settings.

  3. On the next menu, mailbox addresses (for uploading documents via email) will be automatically generated for you according to the company name you filled out on the first screen. You can edit these if necessary, and they can also be changed later in your Company Settings.

  4. The last screen lets you enter some Accounting Software details, all of which can be changed later on in your Company Settings. More information on each of these options can be found here.

Once you click Create Company, your homepage will refresh and your new company will be visible!

Related Articles

  • A guide on uploading documents to AutoEntry can be found here.

  • A user will need to be authorised to add a company. The billing user of the account will have this permission by default. For more information on user permissions, please see here.

  • For instructions on deleting a company from AutoEntry, please click here.

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