Upload bank statements to AutoEntry

How to upload bank statements via the AutoEntry website.

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In AutoEntry, you can upload scanned copies of paper bank statements (including credit or debit card statements) and ePDF files from online banking accounts. AutoEntry then extracts data from these uploaded bank statements which you can download and import into your accounting software.

How to upload a bank statement

When you follow the steps for uploading a document, select the Bank Statements folder.

📌TIP: If you have multiple pages for a statement, upload separate image files but select Single Item so AutoEntry combines them into one statement.

The Activity tab shows that the file has been successfully uploaded. A banner notification also appears in the Bank Statement inbox to let you know that the files are being processed.

Once complete it appears in your Bank Statements folder.

What data does AutoEntry capture from bank statements?

The following information is extracted when you upload a bank statement.

  • Account number

  • Date

  • Description

  • Debit

  • Credit

  • Balance

  • Cheque number (if applicable)

📎NOTE: AutoEntry doesn't allocate any nominal codes for bank statements. You can add these within the exported Excel/CSV file after extraction.

Can I transfer bank statements from AutoEntry to my accounting software?

Once an uploaded bank statement is processed, you can download it as an Excel or .CSV file. You can then import this file into your accounting software.

What is the cost of processing a bank statement?

Due to the higher level of extraction required for bank statements, the charge for processing is 3 credits per page. The monetary cost per page depends on your subscription level.

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