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An overview of your Subscription and Billing page.

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This article will give you an overview of your account's Subscription and Billing page.

Please note that some information in the screenshots below has been censored for privacy protection.

What will I see on the Subscription and Billing page?

The Subscription and Billing page can be accessed by clicking on your name to the top right corner of any page on AutoEntry, and selecting Account Settings.

The page is split up into 3 sections:

  • Credits

  • Account Details

  • Billing Details


The Credits section shows you the following details:

  • Your current credit balance and overage limit can be viewed here.

  • This tells you which level of subscription you are currently on, and your next renewal date for payment (payments for subscriptions come out of your account automatically on this date monthly).

  • Here you can change, pause or cancel your subscription, and purchase credits in bulk.

Account Details

The Account Details section will show you the currency you are listed with for your country, the email address billing notifications are sent to, whether a discount has been applied to your account, and your VAT number.

If you click Change Account Details, you can amend these details if necessary. However, please note that you cannot change the country listed on your account unless you first cancel your subscription.

Billing Details

The Billing Details section shows you the debit/credit card details and billing address associated with the account. If you click Change Billing Details, this allows you to amend them if necessary.

Additional Information

  • A full overview of the Account Settings available on AutoEntry can be found here.

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