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How to Upload Invoices to AutoEntry
How to Upload Invoices to AutoEntry

A guide on uploading invoices to AutoEntry that are saved on your PC.

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On any of your AutoEntry companies, you will see two folders you can upload invoices to:

  • The Purchases/Bills folder is where you would upload purchase invoices, receipts and purchase credit notes

  • The Sales folder is where you would upload sales invoices or sales credit notes

How to upload an invoice

  1. Click on the + Upload Document button on the top right corner of your screen.

  2. This will open a new window where you can use the drop-down menus to select the company and folder you are uploading to. You can either browse your PC for invoices or drag and drop files straight into the window.

  3. The uploaded documents will be shown at the bottom of the window. Additional invoices can be selected by clicking + Add More.

πŸ“ŒTIP: The upload window cannot be closed while invoices are still uploading. However, you have the option to click Browse AutoEntry at the top of the window to open AutoEntry in another tab and continue working elsewhere until the upload completes.

Accepted file types

AutoEntry will accept and process the following file types:

  • PDF

  • TIFF & TIF

  • JPEG

  • .doc & .docx (Word files)

  • .xlsx (Excel files)

πŸ“ŽNOTE: Irrespective of file type, screenshots will be rejected.

How do I know my file has been uploaded?

Once AutoEntry has received your files there will be a notification banner in the relevant inbox to inform you that we have received the files and are processing them.

Your Activity tab will also show you all uploaded invoices for that company.

πŸ“ŽNOTE: Processing of files is not instant, please check here for processing times.

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