The Rejected folder is for any files that for any reason cannot be processed by AutoEntry. 

Files can be rejected for a number of reasons such as being a duplicate file previously processed, incorrect file type, poor scan quality, black and white scan, not a bank statement, etc. If any further specific information on why a file was rejected is needed, our team would be more than happy to assist. For poor scan quality, if you follow our recommended scanner settings, this should eliminate any issues with rejected statements. 

The Rejected page contains:

  • Date - Time/Date the file was rejected

  • File - Original name of the uploaded file

  • Reason - Primary reason the file was rejected

  • Link to download original pdf file uploaded to AutoEntry that you can review the file uploaded.

  • Trash Can - To delete the entry from the Rejected Folder. We generally recommend deleting files as they are rejected and reviewed. to keep the rejected folder empty. That way it is more obvious when a file has been rejected. 

 Unlike invoice processing, rejected statements are refunded automatically. It can take a few hours for the credits to appear on the account in case they don't appear straight away.

This is how you can check rejected statements:

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