Rejected Bank Statements
The Rejected page and why statements are rejected.
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Why are Bank Statements rejected?

  • A photo of a bank statement has been uploaded, rather than a scanned image.

  • It has already been uploaded previously.

  • The image/scan quality is too poor for our system to extract the data.

  • It has been uploaded to the wrong folder.

  • Some crucial data is missing, preventing extraction.

  • The image is a screenshot, or contains handwriting.

  • The file's data is corrupted or password-protected.

What information is in the Rejected folder?

  • Date - Time/Date the file was rejected.

  • File - Original name of the uploaded file.

  • Reason - Primary reason the file was rejected.

  • Link to download original pdf file uploaded to AutoEntry that you can review the file uploaded.

  • Trash Can - To delete the entry from the Rejected Folder. We generally recommend deleting files as they are rejected and reviewed to keep the rejected folder empty. Please note however that once a file has been deleted, it cannot be recovered under any circumstances, so proceed with caution.

Where can the Rejected folder be found?

Files that cannot be processed by AutoEntry will be stored in the Rejected folder. The number of files in the rejected folder will be shown on the company homepage.

It can also be accessed by clicking the Rejected tab across the top of the page when you are already in a folder.

What does it mean when a Bank Statement has been rejected?

When a Bank Statement has been rejected, it means that there is an issue with it preventing data from being extracted/processed. This could be due to poor quality, because it is duplicate invoice, or because it is not actually a Bank Statement at all (refer to Applies To above for more example of these instances).

How do I know my Bank Statement has been rejected?

If a document has been rejected, you will see a notice on the Uploaded Files and Processed Items tab of your Activity page.

Will I be charged for Bank Statements that are rejected?

You will always be refunded for Bank Statements that are rejected. Credits go back into your balance automatically and no action is required on your part.

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