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Everything you need to know about publishing invoices.

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After your uploaded invoices have finished processing, the next step is to publish them to the accounting software your company is integrated with.

If you have chosen not to integrate your company, you will need to download the extracted invoice data instead of publishing it.

📎NOTE: Before publishing an invoice, you first need to ensure it has a Supplier, Category and VAT code applied. Click here for a guide on this.

How to publish a single invoice

  1. Within the Inbox, select the Supplier account, Category and Tax codes using the drop-down menus.

  2. Click on the green tick icon to publish the invoice. The icon turns solid green to indicate it is being published.

  3. Once successfully published to your accounts package, an icon appears below the publish button to indicate that the transfer is complete.

How to publish invoices in bulk

  1. You can select multiple items at a time by clicking the checkbox located in the first column of your inbox on the left.

  2. Click Actions and select Publish.

How to unpublish or re-publish a single invoice

  1. Click the green tick icon on the invoice to unpublish it. A pop-up window will then appear, asking you to confirm this action.

  2. To republish, click the same icon again.

How to unpublish or re-publish multiple invoices

  1. Click the tick boxes next to all affected invoices.

  2. An Actions button will then appear. Click it to open the menu and select Unpublish.

  3. Repeat the same steps, but select Publish from the Actions menu.

How long does publishing take?

Invoice publishing times typically average between 5-10 minutes.

You will see a small logo of your accounting software's name on the green publish icon once it has reached it.

📌TIP: If you notice that publishing is taking longer than 5-10 minutes, please click here for the most common reasons why your invoices would be stuck.

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