This article will take you through the steps required to integrate your Sage 50 Canada company with AutoEntry.

If you are integrating with a Sage 50 Canada Company Shared via RDA, please click here.

Applies To

  • Sage 50 Canada users


In order for AutoEntry to be able to connect to your Sage 50 Canada company stored on your computer, we have designed an application called the AutoEntry Desktop Sync App that will enable the syncing of data between Sage 50 on your desktop and the AutoEntry website. We've laid out the steps to take below along with a quick video showing the process:

Step 1

In order for the integration to work appropriately, Sage 50 has to be used on multi-user mode and we suggest creating an additional user with a password assigned within Sage 50 Canada that will be used by the AutoEntry Sync App only.

This can be done via the Setup drop-down within Sage 50 Canada and over to Set Up Users. If adding a user option has been greyed out, a password should be assigned to the sysadmin user. Once a password has been assigned, the Add User option will become available.

For convenience, we would suggest naming the new user "autoentry" enabling you to differentiate this user for the AutoEntry Sync App use only.

Please also ensure that the new user has read/write access and full accounting rights.

Step 2

Once the user has been set up, close the Sage 50 company to allow for the changes to be saved.

Step 3

Proceed with downloading the AutoEntry Sync App from here.

Step 4

Once the app has been downloaded, please run it. Once running, open the Sync App and you will be prompted to log in with the normal AutoEntry login details that you would use to access the AutoEntry website.

Once logged in, you will see the below screen that will present all of the companies that you have access to within AutoEntry.

At this stage, pick the company that you would like to integrate with Sage 50 Canada and click connect.

Step 5

You will be brought to a new screen prompting to enter a folder path, username and password to connect to a Sage 50 Canada company. Please ensure that the Accounting Software is selected as Sage Canada from the dropdown menu highlighted below also.

You can find your folder path by going to Sage, clicking File > Properties, and the Location path in the pop-up window is the path you will need to enter into the sync app.

The username and password should be filled with the new user details set up in Step 1. The connection should not be set up with the sysadmin details.

Your company should now be successfully integrated with Sage 50 Canada!

Additional Information

  • Once the company has been integrated, and you wish to publish invoices through to Sage from AutoEntry, and work on Sage simultaneously, please ensure that you have switched to multi-user mode.

  • If you use the Pro edition of Sage 50, please ensure Sage is closed down before completing the connection. Additional requirements are noted here.

  • If using Remote Data Access (RDA) or Shared access to company files, please note the steps required here for integrating and publishing documents.

  • If you are integrating with a Sage 50 Canada Company Shared via RDA as per Sage's v2021.2 update, please click here.

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