You are seeing the below error message on your sync app, or on your company's integration status.

AutoEntry Desktop Sync Service is not running or you are currently not logged into the desktop client.

Applies To

  • Sage 50 Canada users.


This error is thrown when your Desktop Sync Service times out, and needs to be manually restarted.


To clear this error, you will need to do the following:

  1. Close your Sync App.

  2. Open your PC's Task Manager, select 'More details' if it is showing the minimised. view, and click on the 'Processes' tab

  3. Click on 'OCRex.Desktop.AutoEntry.Client' & 'AutoEntry.Service'.

  4. Select 'End Task' on both.

  5. Restart your Sync App Desktop Service.

  6. Open your Sync App again and ensure you are able to view your company list.

  7. Go back to the AutoEntry site and re-sync your company data.

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