AutoEntry's Expenses module allows the uploading and processing of expense receipts or invoices by a submitter which can be added to expense reports. 

This article will go through the following:

To start, here is a quick introductory video of the Expenses module:

1. Expense Reports Folder Overview

When you are on your company's homepage, your Expense Reports folder will look something like this:

Expenses Tab

This acts as the Inbox for your processed expenses - whether through the Phone App, email or upload through the website. Here you can select the relevant expense category, if not done at upload, and attach it to a specific expense report. The View button to the left of each expense will allow you to view the expense and mark it as reimbursable or not.

Reports Tab

Once a user creates an expense report with their uploaded expenses (see later in this article for the steps to do so), it will appear under the Reports tab. The Submitter can keep adding receipts to open reports as required. This can be done up to the point where the report is submitted for approval. The Submitter also selects the Approver required to approve their expenses.

Once Submitted, a report can be retrieved by the Submitter for edits if required up to the point their Approver opens the report.

Once opened by the Approver, the report is locked to the Submitter.

Review Tab (Approver/Admin access only)

A submitted expense report will appear in the Review tab, ready for approval/rejection. The report will only appear here for the user who is marked as the Approver on the report. It can also be downloaded as a PDF or Excel file if required.

The filtering of statuses for reports within the Review tab will display the reports needing attention as priority i.e. rejected, open, submitted, and pending reports.

  • Rejected - the Approver has rejected the report and sent it back to the Submitter to amend and re-submit.

  • Open - the report has been started by the Submitter, but has not been submitted yet.

  • Submitted - the report has been submitted to the Approver, but the Approver has not opened/viewed it yet.

  • Pending - the report has been opened by the Approver, but has not been approved/rejected yet.

Activity Tab

The Activity tab, much like in other areas of AutoEntry, shows all the files that have been both uploaded and processed in AutoEntry and the details of each upload.

Archived Tab

The Archived folder is where all previously processed/approved individual expenses are stored. Any file from the Expenses (Inbox) tab can also be moved to the Archive at any time.

Rejected Tab

Any items uploaded to AutoEntry that could not be processed will be dropped into the Rejected folder with a reason as to why it was rejected. If an item was rejected, it can be manually moved to the Expenses Inbox where any missing details can be entered before continuing the report process.

People Tab (Admin access only)

This tab is for adding users and editing their access permissions. Only Admin users can edit user permissions in the Expenses folder. These actions can also be done by following this guide.

2. Expenses Permissions

There are 3 levels of user access available for expenses specifically - Submitter, Approver and Admin. Expenses can be uploaded via the normal AutoEntry methods through the website, email and of course, the mobile app. Submitters can only see the receipts they have uploaded themselves and further restrictions can be added that they have no visibility of any other folders in AutoEntry if required.

Depending on your level of user permissions, not all tabs are available. Submitters cannot see uploads by other users or have access to the People tab or Review section. Likewise, Approvers and Admins cannot see expenses in the Expenses or Reports tabs until an expense report is submitted for approval. Users in AutoEntry can have multiple permissions set to their account for Submitter, Approver and Admin if required.

More detailed information on Expenses User Permissions can be found here.

3. Submitting an Expense Report

Once Submitters upload their expenses, they can create a report and add the relevant receipts to that report. Individual expenses can also be viewed and marked as reimbursable. When all the expenses are added to a report, they are sent for approval where the relevant approver is selected if required (supporting multiple teams and Approvers in one company). Please note: only Expense Reports with a positive total can be submitted. Negative totals cannot be submitted to an Approver.

The Approver can then approve or reject the report which either sends the approved expense report to the Purchases Inbox for the accountant/bookkeeper to publish to your accounting software or a rejected report is returned to the submitter as unapproved.

A full guide on creating an Expense Report can be found here.

Reports can also be printed off in PDF format if physical signatures are required.

Once the report is approved, AutoEntry converts the report to a purchase invoice in the Purchases Inbox with the individual expenses listed as line items. All expenses within the expense report will flow through to the Purchases folder as tax inclusive, and will also display the Tax Summary extraction (if a tax summary is available). This will allow for differentiating tax percentages for taxable and non-taxable items.

4. Expenses via the AutoEntry Mobile App

When uploading through the mobile app, Submitters can select the relevant expense category the expense relates to. These categories are mapped by the accountant/bookkeeper/AutoEntry account holder under the Manage Lists page to the relevant nominal accounts each category is to be assigned to.

There is also a quick video on using the Mobile App here.

5. Manually Creating an Expense

Lost a receipt? Under the add items button in the inbox, a manual expense can be created where the original paper receipt cannot be found. Further information on adding a manual expense can be found here.

6. Mileage Expenses

Mileage reports can also be added to an expense report where the relevant mileage rates are set by the AutoEntry account holder under the Manage Lists page.

A mileage expense will display the from and to details, along with the distance traveled and the rate utilised. All details will be displayed on the individual line item, along with the PDF report.

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