AutoEntrys' Expenses module allows the uploading and processing of expense receipts or invoices by a submitter which can be added to expense reports for approval. 

There's also a quick video on using the Phone App Here
Once the report is approved, AutoEntry converts the report to a purchase invoice in the Purchases inbox with the individual expenses listed as line items. 

There are 3 levels of user access added for expenses specifically - Submitter, Approver and Admin. Expenses can be uploaded via the normal AutoEntry methods through the website, email and of course, the mobile app. Submitters can only see the receipts they have uploaded themselves and further restrictions can be added that they have no visibility of any other folders in AutoEntry if required. 

When uploading through the phone app, submitters can select the relevant expense category the expense relates to. These categories are mapped by the accountant/bookkeeper/AutoEntry account holder under the manage lists page to the relevant nominal accounts each category is to be assigned to. 

Once submitters upload their receipts they can create a new report and add the relevant receipts to that report. Individual expenses can be viewed and marked as reimbursable too. When all the expenses are added to a report, they are sent for approval where the relevant approver is selected if required (supporting multiple teams and approvers in one company). The approver can then approve or deny the report which either sends the approved expense report to the purchases inbox for the accountant/bookkeeper to publish to your accounts software or a cancelled report is returned to the submitter as unapproved. 

Reports can be printed off to pdf format if physical signatures are required.

Lost a receipt? No problem there either! Under the add items button in the inbox, a manual expense can be created where the original paper receipt cannot be found.

Under the Mileage feature, mileage reports can also be added to an expense report where the relevant mileage rates are again set by the AutoEntry account holder under the manage lists page. 

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