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Invoices not Publishing to Sage 50 Canada?
Invoices not Publishing to Sage 50 Canada?

Common reasons why your published invoices may not be successfully sent to Sage 50 Canada.

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You have published invoices on AutoEntry, but they have not moved across to Sage 50 within a reasonable time frame.


This integration works through the AutoEntry Sync App. There are some issues that can arise when publishing that are unique to this software.


Sync App Desktop Service is Not Running

The most common issue would be that the Sync App service is not running. To check if your Sync App service is running:

  1. Go to your company's Integrate page.

  2. Here, the status of your Desktop Sync Service will be shown as either Running or Not Running.

If your Sync App is Not Running, please follow these steps to restart it and then republish any invoices that have yet to move across to Sage 50.

Sync App Desktop Service is Running

  1. If your Sync App service is running but your invoices are still not publishing, please ensure that you have not clicked the Re-Sync button after publishing your invoices. Clicking Re-Sync prevents them from moving across to Sage.

  2. Check the Integration Status on your company list also, on either the AutoEntry website or the AutoEntry Sync App itself. If there is an error showing here, this will prevent invoices from publishing.

We have compiled solutions to the most common of these errors which can be found under Troubleshooting in our Sage 50 Canada collection on our Help Center.

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