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An issue has been identified with the Sage Accounting Bank Statement export facility (the status was remaining as "Sage checking export" and data would not export to Sage Accounting). We have taken the facility offline whilst we look to resolve the issue; in the meantime instead of using this export facility please perform a manual download from AutoEntry/re-upload into Sage Accounting (see help article here).


Much like for purchase and sales invoices, it's possible to export your bank statement data direct into Sage Business Cloud Accounting (SBCA). This feature is available in the UK and Ireland, Canada and the USA. Please note, this feature is not available in Australia or South Africa at this time.

Applies To

  • Any company integrated with SBCA (Plus, Standard and Start subscriptions)


Once your bank or credit card statement data has completed processing in AutoEntry it is possible to export that data directly into SBCA. This can be done from either within the Inbox or when viewing the statement data. Here's a video going through the process and more details below:

Firstly, there is a re-design for the inbox layout. From the left, the page now shows:

  • The project name top left and date it was last updated

  • View icon to view the extraction details

  • Account number as extracted from the uploaded statements

  • Sage Bank Account dropdown to select the connected SBCA bank account

  • Date Rage/Notes - showing the date range of the statements processed

  • Files - Number of files uploaded to that account

  • Pages - Number of pages uploaded

  • Export to Sage - to export the data directly to SBCA

  • Export History - An audit trail and status notification of previous exports to SBCA

  • Download - option to download the data locally

  • Trash Can - to delete that account, including all the extractions already completed for that account

  • Download accounts to the top right will download all the data in all the accounts within that project.

When viewing the inbox, in order to export the data through to SBCA, first, simply select the bank account from the dropdown menu that you wish to export the data to:

Then click on the Export to Sage button to the right:

This will now open a calendar popup. All available dates are selected by default but if required, you can reduce the data required by selecting new dates.

In the example above, data that has previously been exported to SBCA is shown in blue italics (May 3rd to 8th).

Once the dates are selected, click on 'Export to Sage' to the bottom right. A popup appears to confirm the transaction dates being exported and the Sage bank account they're being exported to. Clicking Export to Sage on this screen confirms that these detains are correct and exports the data to Sage. Of course, if any of the selections are incorrect you can Cancel the export and re-select the correct data/bank account.

Once exported, you can click on the Export History option to view the status of the export. The data can take 1 to 2 minutes to complete exporting and once complete a red icon will appear on the History button to indicate an update and the history will show that the transactions are ready for review in Sage.

When viewing the extracted data, the very same process as above of selecting the account, exporting to Sage and selecting the dates, is followed. The options are located at the top of the extraction:

In Sage:

The exported transactions are shown on the Bank Account tile. The number of transactions does not update until clicking into the transactions:

Clicking on the Transactions link opens the incoming bank transactions list where you can then Match, Create or Transfer transactions as normal:

And that's it. Your statement data has now been exported to Sage Accounting!

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