When viewing the export history there is the option to 'Download Full Details'. This will give you an excel download with details of all the exports for a particular account.

This option will give details of all the exports made for a particular bank account including:

  • The AutoEntry project the data was exported from

  • The Bank Account number

  • The Sage bank account the data was exported to

  • The date of export

  • the date range of the data exported with the number of transactions exported

  • The status of the export (Pending, complete etc)

  • The details of the export

  • Any Warnings associated with that export

  • The AutoEntry User that exported the data

All the details include all exports for that particular account number irrespective if it has been exported to multiple Sage accounts or if the same account number appears in separate projects in the AutoEntry bank statement folder.

This could be particularly useful if data has been exported but cannot be found or appears in an incorrect account in Sage. The download would act as an audit trail showing who exported what data to which account and on what date. Or indeed if the same data was exported multiple times to different accounts in Sage.

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