There are times where the debit and credit columns are the wrong way around in AutoEntry. AutoEntry cannot always decipher the correct orientation for all banks/credit card statements. This is similar to importing statement data via CSV where the transaction type must be set for the transactions.

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After exporting the data to Sage, if the debits and credits are the wrong way round in Sage, simply follow these steps:

1 - Delete the Transactions in Sage

When viewing the incoming bank transactions for an account, use the check boxes to the left of the transactions (or the master checkbox to 'select all') and click on the trash can to delete those transactions.

2 - Swapping the Debit and Credits in AutoEntry

Click in to view the extraction for the desired account in AutoEntry. Then simply click on the 'Switch Debit / Credit' button at the top of the extraction and the columns will swap over:

3 - Select the dates to export

The dates will appear as previously exported (blue italics) but simply select the dates ignoring the previously exported dates and export as usual. A warning will be included in the confirmation popup that it might result in duplicates. Please be sure that the correct transactions have been deleted from Sage before exporting to ensure duplicate transactions do not occur.

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  • Not available in Australia or South Africa at this time.

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